About ti.care

Our company was created with the mission of putting patients, families and caregivers in contact with health professionals through information technology in order to create a more accessible, humane and sustainable healthcare system. We are undergoing the most profound technological revolution in history and the way we communicate with each other is changing. However, in the healthcare environment, this had not been introduced at the same pace. Issues regarding information security, the handling of devices, especially by the elderly, were frequently mentioned obstacles. However, scientific evidence and technological advances in recent years are enabling the healthcare world to rapidly incorporate new forms of communication between professionals and patients. Information security is completely ensured and older people easily and regularly use web-based methods in different areas of their lives. It can be said that telemedicine has now come to healthcare. And it is here to stay, as will become evident in the coming years. In addition, both health professionals and the general public are calling for greater training and autonomy in patient self-care, an area where telemedicine can also make a significant contribution. Moreover, chronic health problems are becoming more and more prevalent in our society, requiring ongoing monitoring, another instance in which telemedicine brings a lot of value. The current results in the control of chronic diseases are not good and we need new measures to help improve them. That is why this platform has been designed, to meet two objectives: on the one hand, to provide the necessary information to patients to enable them to manage their illness properly and take care of themselves, and on the other hand, to offer greater continuity in professional-patient communication to enable them to join their forces to improve health outcomes.